vadania vk1245 drawer slides
vadania vk1245 drawer slides
vadania vk1245 drawer slides
vadania vk1245 drawer slides
vadania vk1245 drawer slides
vadania drawer slides
vadania vk1245 drawer slides
vadania vk1245 drawer slides
vadania vk1245 drawer slides

Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245

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  • √Hydraulic Cylinder – Hydraulic Soft/Self Close feature designed for preventing drawer from slamming shut
  • √Solid Ball Bearing – Provides silent and friction-free motion when open drawer
  • √Double Spring Design – Makes it easier to pull back and smoother than single spring when bearing load.
  • √3-Fold Slides – Enable the slides to fully extend
  • √High Quality Plat – High – tension cold-rolled steel plates, 100,000 times of 100lb push-pull tests without damage

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VADANIA VK1245 Soft Close Drawer Slides

The three part extension allows for a higher load capacity and smooth movement. Featuring metal ball bearings for a quiet and comfortable closure and a dark discrete color that blends into most drawers. It will close soft and automatically.

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  • NAME:VADANIA Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245
  • MATERIAL: Cold-Rolled (Cold Rolled) Steel
  • MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY: 100lb / 45kg.
  • Width: 1.8in
  • MINI DEPTH OF CABINET: Drawer Length + 0.12in / 3mm
  • SURFACE TREATMENT: Galvanized / Electrophoretic
  • Black SLIDE STYLE: 3 Folds Full Extension, Side Mount, Separable
  • PLATE THICKNESS: Outer Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Middle Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Inner Slider 0.06in(1.5mm)
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Civil Furniture, Office Furniture, Cabinets/Wardrobes, et

Each Pair Package
1 x Pair of drawer slide
8 x Mount screws

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154 reviews for Soft Close Drawer Slides VK1245

  1. Eric Johnson

    I like operation of the slide and was simple to install . I would like them to recommend the rear support bracket for their slide . I’ll see how they hold up to the ones I replaced (38years old)

  2. DHud

    Very sturdy and smooth operation. Excellent product for the money.

  3. Rodney R

    The soft closing mechanism is AWESOME. The spouse was soooo impressed that now she wants me to replace ALL our drawers

  4. dischmond

    Great slide for the money

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