vadania VF1245 drawer slides
vadania VF1245 drawer slides
vadania VF1245 drawer slides
vadania VF1245 drawer slides
vadania VF1245 drawer slides
vadania VF1245 drawer slides
vadania drawer slides
vadania VF1245 drawer slides
vadania VF1245 drawer slides

Push to Open Drawer Slides VF1245

(129 customer reviews)


  • √Push to Open Device – Push to open and close which will release your hands when busy in cooking or carrying, also preventing drawer from slamming shut
  • √Solid Ball Bearing – Provides slient and friction-free motionwhen open drawer
  • √3-Fold Slides – Enable the slides to fully extend
  • √High Quality Plat – High – tension cold-rolled steel plates, 100,000 times of 100lb push-pull tests without damage

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VADANIA VF1245 Push to Open Drawer Slides

-New No-Hands design! Push to open/close that can release your hand. Metal ball bearings help guide the drawer in a slow and fluid motion allowing the push to open mechanism to be used many times. The quality metal used the load capacity of the slider will allow up to 100 pounds.


  • NAME:VADANIA Push to Open Drawer Slides VF1245
  • MATERIAL: Cold-Rolled (Cold Rolled) Steel
  • MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY: 100lb / 45kg.
  • Width: 1.7in
  • MINI DEPTH OF CABINET: Drawer Length + 0.12in / 3mm
  • SURFACE TREATMENT: Galvanized / Electrophoretic
  • Black SLIDE STYLE: 3 Folds Full Extension, Side Mount, Separable
  • PLATE THICKNESS: Outer Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Middle Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Inner Slider 0.06in(1.5mm)
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Civil Furniture, Office Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets/Wardrobes, etc.

Each Pair Package:
1 x Pair of drawer slide
8 x Mount screws

How it work? Click here for installation video!


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129 reviews for Push to Open Drawer Slides VF1245

  1. Natagrass

    Installed to replace existing slide-out bearings on an RV outdoor kitchen cooktop. I had to work to deal with issues from the original manufacturer of the RV, but once done, these fit well. I have an issue with the push-close part. It isn’t latching unless I manually push in the sides first, then slowly close the cooktop. This may still be a problem with the RV itself, and not the slides. They do seem sturdy. I expect to be able to cook with cast iron on the cooktop.

  2. Lauren M Quintero

    I ordered two pairs of these drawer slides. They arrived promptly and unamaged. They work beautifully. This was one of my first projects making both a drawer box and frame. I would have appreciated some clearance/install instructions. Although I was able to figure it out, it would have saved me a lot of time and trial and error to have some type of an included drawing with measurments and adjustment instructions since the tolerances of the drawer fronts and boxes is so critical to the drawers operation and aesthetics. The push to release mechanism works without any problems. Overall I am very pleased. The price was right too!

  3. Nicole G

    So far so good! these work really well. Smooth opening.

  4. CatLoversUnite

    needed storage for my work room,
    (would say “man cave” but sexist terms i won’t exhume)
    sliding action is smooth, spring loaded feature is great,
    if you need this and are wondering, you need no longer debate.
    easy to use and simple to install

  5. Upsuy

    Very nice slides. Push to open feature has smooth action and requires little effork. Works well on shallow 27.5″ width drawer. Push to open feature is nice on undersink drawer though on this width you must push near the center or only 1 side will unlatch. Would buy again

  6. Dor1

    They work good, installed them on cabinet drawers, as long as the are leveled the work great

  7. sleeper

    We purchased the push to open slides and they work very well even with a deep drawer containing heavy glass baking dishes. We did not find them to be particularly easy to install (hence 4 instead of 5 stars). Even still, and now that we’ve gained experience with installation, we will be purchasing more as we complete our kitchen renovation. FYI: The push to open slides are not designed to also be soft close and we were not looking for that feature. We were only interested in the push to open because we wanted flat drawer surfaces with no handles, etc.(much easier to keep clean).

  8. Tess

    Very nice easy to use glides, not a good set of instructions. But if you have installed any type before its pretty easy to figure out. Would I buy again. Definitely, great product.

  9. Tom Harrison

    The description of the product was for 5 pairs of slides. When I opened the box there were 5 slides, not 5 pair! I was under the assumption that a pair would be needed for each drawer, so 5 pairs would allow me to do 5 drawers. With only 5 slides I could only do 2.5 drawers. Now, who wants to have a drawer only work on 1 side? The slides themselves are very nice. No instructions were included so I had to figure out how to install them myself. Had 5 pairs actually been delivered I would have rated them much higher.

  10. Upstate NY Guy

    Love these drawer slides. Price is great and istallation is a breeze. Typically you have to put a lot of effort with full ext drawer slides when putting in the first time even with everything level and square. These require much less effort

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