vadania VA1245 drawer slides
vadania VA1245 drawer slides
vadania VA1245 drawer slides
vadania VA1245 drawer slides
vadania VA1245 drawer slides
vadania VA1245 drawer slides

Full Extension Drawer Slides VA1245

(86 customer reviews)


  • √Solid Ball Bearing – Provides silent and friction-free motion when open drawer
  • √Double Spring Design – Makes it easier to pull back and smoother than single spring when bearing load.
  • √3-Fold Slides – Enable the slides to fully extend
  • √High Quality – Plat – High tension cold-rolled steel plates, 100,000 times of 100lb push-pull tests without damage

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Full Extension Drawer Slides VA1245  

The three part extension allows for a higher load capacity and smooth movement. Featuring metal ball bearings for a quiet and comfortable closure and a dark discrete color that blends into most drawers.


  • NAME:VADANIA Full Extension Drawer Slides VA1245
  • MATERIAL: Cold-Rolled (Cold Rolled) Steel
  • MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY: 100lb / 45kg.
  • Width: 1.8in
  • MINI DEPTH OF CABINET: Drawer Length + 0.12in / 3mm
  • SURFACE TREATMENT: Galvanized / Electrophoretic
  • Black SLIDE STYLE: 3 Folds Full Extension, Side Mount, Separable
  • PLATE THICKNESS: Outer Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Middle Slider 0.04in(1.2mm) / Inner Slider 0.06in(1.5mm)
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Civil Furniture, Office Furniture, Cabinets/Wardrobes, etc

Each Pair Package
1 x Pair of Drawer Slide
8 x Mount Screws


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86 reviews for Full Extension Drawer Slides VA1245

  1. SD Wood

    These are great to make the cabinet door slide out with the trash can in it. Holds the weight of the door and the full trash barrel no problem.

  2. Gregory A. Gum

    Decent product so far

  3. David Velliquette

    I don¡¯t like how it sticks out like 1/4¡± or so before it gets locked into the fully recessed position. Many people might like that feature, though.

  4. zeit37

    Strong, heavyweight sliders that have a removable rubber stop at the end of travel so the sliders will hold in place until pulled out if that¡¯s what you need.

  5. Wanderingramza

    I replaced a broken set of slides in my Kobalt top toolbox. Measurements were close. Installation was a breeze. Saved my box from the scrapyard for sure. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these for woodworking projects either but I riveted them back in like the original in my toolbox and passed on the screws included for use in wood.

  6. Hanne Saarinen

    I used these drawer slides to replace some super-old and worn out slides on my computer desk. I have a slide-out keyboard tray (I hate keeping my keyboard on the desktop) and the old slides were noisy, gritty and no longer held closed in the ‘shut’ position. I installed these slides in a matter of a few minutes with a power drill and screwdriver. I did have to drill new mounting holes and measure out where I wanted the slides as they were significantly different than the old slides. However, the minor bit of work was worth the effort. These new slides are quiet, smooth, and most importantly for me: they hold in the closed position with a nice positive click. They come with some short countersunk phillips-head mounting screws which should work for most people’s applications. I’d recommend them if you need a single pair of drawer slides for a small project. They’re reasonably priced, perform well, and are easy to mount with included hardware. No instructions are included but it’s incredibly straightforward if you’re even remotely mechanically inclined. Very straightforward.

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